Are you working like crazy and still have trouble getting your work done?
Do you need more time doing your evaluations?

Maybe you should:

You need our Personnel Evaluation Programs.
Today you could start saving valuable time on every report.

Speed and flexibility are built into each of the Personnel Evaluation Programs.
The Report Writers have programmed responses available at the touch of a button (DOS Version),
or the click of the mouse with the (Windows Version).
You may personalize the programmed responses to your own style.
Each area of the reports provides space to add your own comments.
Each report can be customized to your specific requirements, if they differ from the basic report.
Reports are printed in their final form. Special printer driver are not needed,
even if you print to the network printers.
All reports are saved on disk where they may be later edited and/or printed.
We also have some Demo Programs, some of which are downloadable.

Administrators across the nation now using these programs are thrilled with their results.
Most staff members are impressed with the straight forward format of their evaluations
and the quick turn-around time between evaluation and feed-back from your conference.

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